Original Content A Most Important Google Ranking Factor

In this article, I will refer you to the original content factor in search engine optimization with the introduction of SEO.

What is this original content?

To summarize the original content once, We can say that the original content is word density written in our own organic form. People can also make various definitions of this. But the real thing is that we can say it belongs to ourselves.

The story of the pagerank incident is already clear. The most important part that distinguishes Google from other search engines is its ability. Pagerank measures hit by content. This means that Pagerank has a direct impact on our site and the content of our site. We can make organic hits by creating original writings.

So we can explain this. car pictures in the x, y, and z sites are given the same content when it i possible to hit the sites. But if you open a title on the car pictures with different title and write your own original words and enter the keywords related to that topic with Pagerank technology, Google will rank us higher than other sites It pulls.

You can imagine the significance of the original content. This event will be interesting not only for the search engines but also for the sights. I also can not understand the use of Pagerank as a hit tool by some people. Or they can see it as a trunk show.

I’m going to be a footnote.

By linking your site content with your original content link, you can get the advantage of extra keywordlists. By sharing your pingbacks, you will get more of your PageRank and Google will more easily index your keywords and make your site more indexed.

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