Local SEO Tips To Improve The Local Visibility Of Your Website

If you are looking for a physiotherapist, hairdresser or Best Digital Marketing Company in Austria in your place of residence, then you usually use a search in combination with place name in Google. The search is usually a combination of the service with the place name, such as: ‘Hair dresser Linz’ or ‘plumber Vienna’. These are also referred to as ‘local searches’ or ‘local search’. Your potential customers do the same and it is therefore important that your website is easy to find with these searches in Google. If you apply the tips below, your website is also optimally Rank in the search engines!

Tip 1: Include the place name in the titles of the pages of your site

The most important page for search engines is the homepage. And search engines find the title of the homepage the most important element. The title can be seen at the top of the browser bar and is called the ‘title tag’ in HTML code.

Make sure you include the place name in the title of the homepage – next to your service. It is also important to provide the other page titles with the place name in combination with your service. The title looks like this: ‘Hair Dresser Linz’. Add the place name in the Meta descriptions as well; this is the piece of text that can be seen at the bottom of the title of the page in the search results. This does not help to rank higher, but for recognizing so that people click through to your site!

For example, if you have a coaching practice in a small town, then it is advisable to include a large city nearby in the title of the pages of your website. Most people are looking for this larger place.

Also make extra pages, for example about neighborhoods and / or villages / municipalities in the neighborhood where you include the names in the title of the pages. Especially in large cities people often search for neighborhood name, for example ‘hairdresser Hauptstrasse Linz’ or only ‘hairdresser Linz’.

Tip 2:Enter the address on your site

This may sound very logical, but adding your address on the site is important for the ranking in the search engine results. Put your address on the contact page, the ‘about the company’ page but preferably also at the bottom of each page in the so-called footer.

Tip 3:Place local content on your website

It may seem obvious, but extra local content on your website or in website blog is very important when you want to score locally. Use locally targeted keywords in your page titles and Meta descriptions and place your address information on every page of your website. In addition, you must place locally-oriented keywords in the texts of your website.

Tip 4: Create a Google My Business page

By creating a Google My Business page you will immediately benefit from a better find ability in the local results. Fill in all the data and take care of some nice pictures of your company or services, so your page will look representative when it appears in the search results. Furthermore, a Google My Business page gives customers the opportunity to post and read reviews.

Tip 5:Get more links from regional sites and Local directories

More links from other pages to your website are also of great importance for a higher ranking in the search engines. If you ensure that these links come from regional sites, your website will also be easier to find locally. Include the place name in the link text such as the link text ‘Best SEO Services in Austria.

Not only the links are important here, also an indication of your company in combination with the address details is important here. These are also called ‘citations’.

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