How To Defend Negative SEO Attack


The negative and harmful SEO is basically such practices which could be done by competing websites or businesses for gaining information of other sites and businesses which attacks them by damaging their value and position in the internet marketplace. In M SOFT SYS we wish to protect your site so that deceitful people do not affect all your effort and positioning work, by all that mean I discuss below how to prevent a negative SEO attack? The following points will help you to reduce the chances of getting an attack like this because it will be more complex to harm your website:

Prevent the channel of hackers: Successful websites at some instant often attacked by the tricky hackers, to reduce or damage their effectiveness, it is necessary to guard the site by adopting a series of measures such as: change your password and make it strong more, consisting of numbers and letters, which must be exclusive for that web, if you use WordPress you must install the Google Authenticator plug-in and finally, also installed antivirus service.

Negative SEO Attack

Activate Webmaster Tools: This is the free tool which allows you to know to measure your searches on a search engine that is why it is vital to make active your notifications to know if your website has been attacked, if your pages are not indexing or if you have been Panelized by Google.

Monitor spare content: This is the most common attack to copy your content and enter it on websites that are not according to your part, therefore, it is important to carry out a careful control

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Monitor social networks: it’s quite common for deceitful individuals to make false profiles on social networks to attack and slander you complete, you must moderate the comments; there square measure some tools known as Social Mention and Google alerts, they enable you to look at your product or company on the online and grasp wherever you’re mentioning and additionally produce alerts, bushed order to quickly decide what action to require.

Verify the loading speed of the web: If suddenly our website becomes terribly slow, it’s vital to rule out that no-one is offensive America by causing thousands of requests per second to the server, for this there’s the Pingdom tool, that permits to activate alerts that send word America to our mail once a load of our server is incredibly high or if it’s born.

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